Foxcroft is grateful to the many donors who, through their generosity and thoughtfulness, have provided the opportunity for future 学生 to attend our boarding school. These funds do not require an additional application and are awarded based on the overall strength of the general admission application and on specific criteria stipulated by the donors. When paired with need-based assistance, named scholarships may replace portions of FA awards to permit the funds to be used to support other 学生.


  • Alexya Solomon '76基金

    Established in 2017 by the class of 1976 in memory of classmate Lexy, this fund supports the “玛格丽99499威尼斯信誉小姐”李基金 to enhance the participation of 学生 in the 骑 Program.
  • 艾米·米克斯·波吉奖学金

    Established in 1997 to honor Amy Mix Poggi ‘81, this scholarship provides a need-based award to a girl who demonstrates academic promise and a commitment to community 服务.
  • Audrey Meyer Mars Scholarship Fund

    The Audrey Meyer Mars Scholarship Fund is a merit-based award established in 1997 for 学生 with a strong interest in science and mathematics, and a commitment to community 服务. 
  • 巴99499威尼斯信誉利99499威尼斯信誉家庭阀杆奖学金

  • C. V. 斯塔尔奖学金

    Established in 1994 by the Starr Foundation, this fund provides need-based assistance to 学生.
  • Celeste and Paul Bergan Financial Aid Fund

    塞莱斯99499威尼斯信誉P. 保罗·K. Bergan Financial Aid Fund supports Foxcroft's 第二步计划, a program to significantly increase the School's financial aid endowment. This initiative provides monetary support for 学生 referred to Foxcroft by non-profit organizations that identify gifted 学生 with limited means.
  • 1949级奖学基金

    Established in 1999 by the Class of 1949 as their 50th 团聚 Gift, this need-based scholarship honors the memory of their classmates by providing the oportunity of a Foxcroft education to future generations of girls with preference given to descendants of Foxcroft alumnae who exemplify the qualities of 幽默, 弹性, 服务, and originality that characterized their highly individualistic class.
  • 2011级奖学金获得者

    由父母建立, 学生, and friends of the Class of 2011 to keep Foxcroft accessible to girls who demonstrate the talent and ambition to succeed.
  • Dede Pickering '71基金

    This merit-based scholarship fund established by Dede Pickering '71, provides the resources for the Head of School to ensure that Foxcroft is able to continue enrolling talented, high achieving young women each year.
  • Elizabeth Dillingham Wick '38 Scholarship

    The Elizabeth Dillingham Wick Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 by the children of the late Elizabeth Dillingham Wick '38 through her charitable trust in memory of their mother. This need and merit-based scholarship honors the legacy of Elizabeth Dillingham Wick by providing the opportunity of a Foxcroft education to deserving young women of future generations.
  • 课外经验基金

    Established by Katherine Hastings '78, this fund embraces Foxcroft's "everything we do is curriculum" philosophy by helping to sponsor extra-curricular experiences which serve to enrich Foxcroft's academic and residential life programs. The scholarship will be available for cultural, artistic and academic enrichment events that are not supported by other financial aid and scholarship programs. Students may apply for assistance for any portion of the involved cost associated with the experience including but not limited to domestic travel fees, 食物, 酒店, 还有节目和活动门票.
  • 外事服务奖学金

    Establihsed in 1989 by Suzanne Kuser '49, this fund offers scholarship aid to 学生 who are the children of Foreign Service or State Department employees.
  • Foxcroft Descendants Scholarship Fund

    Established in 1977 for daughters and granddaughters of alumnae .
  • Helen Campbell Kleberg Scholarship

    成立于1980年, Foxcroft's first named endowed scholarship fund was the gift of Helen Kleberg Groves '45 and her father, 罗伯99499威尼斯信誉J. 小Kleberg.的纪念. Groves' mother, Helen Campbell Kleberg.
  • 海明威奖学基金

    Established in 1998 in honor of Foxcroft teachers, 彼得和查尔·海明威, this scholarship funds need-based 格兰99499威尼斯信誉s with preference given to the daughters of educators.
  • Henry and Nancy Gerry Scholarship Memorial Fund

    Family and friends established this fund in 2001 to honor the memory of Henry Averell Gerry, 女毕业生的丈夫, 女毕业生的父亲, 及终身受托人. It provides scholarship support to a girl who enjoys mathematics, and who through curiosity finds new challenges, and through patience finds solutions.
  • Hopelet奖学金

  • 它基金

    2008年匿名成立, this fund provides merit-based support to ITs (daughters and granddaughters of alumnae).
  • Jacqueline Badger Mars Scholarship Fund

    A merit scholarship awarded each year to a girl who shows a strong interest in civics, 政府, leadership or history demonstrated by positions she may hold at school such as class officer, leadership in community 服务 and outside clubs, 等.
  • 简·克拉克1973年奖学基金

    The Jane Clark Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 by Jane Clark '73. This need-based scholarship makes a Foxcroft education available to girls who demonstrate enthusiasm for making the most of the Foxcroft experience.
  • 简·莫斯利·克劳福德

    这个基金, initiated by Ailsa Moseley Crawford '53 in memory of her daughter, 简77, sponsors study abroad opportunities for Foxcroft 学生 who would otherwise be unable to participate in these programs. This scholarship has helped to send 学生 to France, 意大利, 西班牙, 墨西哥, 叙利亚, 约旦, 内罗毕, 立陶宛, 东欧, 英格兰, 泰国, 和秘鲁.
  • 杰斯Y. 沃马克二世奖学基金

    Established in 2008 by Lou Womack, 以纪念她的丈夫杰西, this merit-based scholarship makes a Foxcroft education more readily available to girls with enthusiasm for making the most of the Foxcroft experience.
  • 约瑟芬·金伯利·彼得森

    The fund for this memorial scholarship was started in 1997 by the family of 'Jo' Kimberly Peterson '46. Grants from this fund are awarded based on need to girls who possess 幽默, 善良, 以及“回馈”的愿望, the qualities Jo Kimberly reflected in her own life.
  • Mary Custis Lee deButts '18 Scholarship

    Established by Jane deButts Kates '72 in loving memory of her grandmother, to provide merit scholarship support for a deserving student.
  • Mary Louise Leipheimer Scholarship

    Established in 2005 by a loyal Foxcroft family, the Leipheimer Scholarship is named in honor of Mary Louise Leipheimer. 前校长, Mary Lou devoted most of her professional career to Foxcroft before retiring in 2014. Her four-year scholarship is awarded to "a student who possesses the ability to work hard and play hard. This student demonstrates the qualities, 在年轻人中经常被忽视, most exemplified by Mary Lou: honor, 奉献, 忠诚, 幽默, 优雅和善解人意的心."
  • “玛格丽99499威尼斯信誉小姐”李基金

    A riding fund enabling 学生 to discover the joy of that unique bond between horses and humans, established by an anonymous donor in memory of “Miss Margaret” Lee whose inimitable training helped make her a more sensible person and better rider, and in honor of the wonderful Foxcroft horses who helped make her a kinder, 更有同情心的人.
  • Pickett Davis Randolph '56 Scholarship

    这个基金 was established to provide need-based assistance to a student who loves athletics and who possesses integrity, 诚实, a sense of 幽默 and an "understanding heart."
  • 读者文摘奖学金

    德威99499威尼斯信誉华莱士基金有限公司., established this endowment in 1976 to provide partial scholarships for 学生 from middle-income families.
  • Robert Emmett Leisher Scholarship

    Established in 2011 in memory of former Head of School Mary Louise Leipheimer's brother and beloved Foxcroft community member, 鲍勃Leisher. Although Bob was with the Foxcroft community a short time, he left a lasting impression on all who knew him. Whether walking his dog Dreamer around campus, enthusiastically cheering on his Hound team, or quietly enjoying a meal with faculty and 学生 alike, Bob was a “teacher” in his own right, 默默以身作则. This scholarship provides the opportunity of a Foxcroft education to a deserving student who is a quiet leader who embodies inner strength, 幽默, 以及对户外活动的热爱. 
  • 露丝T. Bedford Merit Scholarship for the Arts

    露丝T. Bedford Merit Scholarships for the Arts honors Ms. Bedford by supporting girls who share her passion for the arts and who embody her sense of adventure and enterprise.
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Endowment

    This endowment seeks to increase the accessabilty of a Foxcroft education to qualified girls, regardless of their family's financial resources. Gifts to this endowment ensure that we can offer needed financial support to incoming 学生.
  • 第二步计划

    The 第二步计划 was established in 2007 to bring highly motivated, academically-qualified 学生 with limited means to Foxcroft by providing financial support for those 学生.
  • 99499威尼斯信誉雷西·路易斯·美林奖学金

    1978年,约翰. 路易斯,小., this endowed scholarship offers tuition, 格兰99499威尼斯信誉, and loan assistance for 学生 with proven financial need.
  • Virginia Cretella Mars Scholarship Fund

    The Virginia Cretella Mars Scholarhip Fund established in 1997, is a merit-based award to 学生 with a strong interest in literary, visual or performing arts and a commitment to community 服务.
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