Academic Concentrations

Foxcroft’s curriculum provides a breadth of course options in core liberal arts subjects — English, History, World Languages, Mathematics, Science, and the Arts — that students may take to earn the 21 credits required for graduation. The Academic Concentrations program allows a student to focus her studies at our college prep school in one of several specific areas, 超过了毕业要求, 在传统的课堂体验之外学习.

Academic Concentrations are offered in:

Animal Science
Global Studies
The Arts
Students who successfully complete the requirements earn special transcript designations.

Each student at our school may explore the various opportunities that comprise the overall Academic Concentrations program, 即使她没有追求文凭的指定. Those opportunities include individual classes (with the Assistant Head of School for Academics’ approval), internships, community service, and in some cases, 独立研究/最终报告.

How It Works

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  • Eligibility & Requirements

    A student may apply to participate in the Academic Concentrations program in the spring of her first year at Foxcroft (usually freshman year), and eligibility is reviewed annually.

    To be eligible, a student must:
    • 有良好的动机和成就记录吗
    • 展示专注的能力

    Requirements to earn the Academic Concentration transcript designation vary from discipline to discipline but generally include the following:
    • 严格的课程作业,取得高水平的成绩
    • 每年都有学生参加实习
    • 每年致力于集中领域的社区服务
    • 独立学习和/或最终项目
    A student who enters Foxcroft after her freshman year may be eligible to transfer courses, internships, and community service from another school in order to meet the requirements; final approval for transfer credits rests with the department chair and the Assistant Head of School for Academics.
  • Application Process

    To apply, a student should
    • 与教务助理院长会面
    • 在她的专注区与铅浓度导师会面
    • Prepare a written proposal
    • 提交成绩单和课外活动和领导活动的清单
  • Progress & Support

    Each student will have:
    • A “concentration mentor” — a faculty member who will guide the student through the three-year program and track her progress towards fulfilling requirements
    • 一个由导师和另外两名教员组成的“集中委员会”, 审核项目建议书和期末报告
    • A variety of internships and community service opportunities established by the School to choose from. The student may also devise her own.

— Cathy McGehee, Head of School

“The Academic Concentrations program affords the unique opportunity for students to pursue deep learning in and out of the classroom in an area of passion for them.”


Concentration Mentors

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  • Photo of Katie Hergenreder

    Katie Hergenreder 

    Read Bio
  • Photo of Julie Fisher

    Julie Fisher 

    Director of STEAM Education; Department Chair, Fine Arts; Yearbook Advisor
    Read Bio
  • Photo of Maria-Esther Sánchez

    Maria-Esther Sánchez 

    Read Bio
  • Photo of Meghen Tuttle

    Meghen Tuttle 

    STEM, Dorm Parent
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